Woodworking Machines as the Next Big Thing in Kenya


Woodworking machines are specially designed, invented in 1793, used in workshops for cutting, planning, drilling, and sawing of wood. Generally, the purpose of a woodworking machine is to process wood. The machines are powered by electric motors.


Woodworking machines can be used by a variety of people. They can be used by teachers, mostly in the CBC system, in classroom projects. Carpenters and wood experts also use them, in industries, to make furniture. They happen to be a must-have tool for anyone working with wood, whatever the end product.

Currently, woodworking machines offered in Kenya have a lot of advantages, some of which include;

Providing high-quality end product

Woodworking machines come with a table made from solid cast iron. The table offers stability when in use. When the working surface is stable, during a project, the end product comes out appealing, as the cuts made tend to be precise. 

The machines are super easy to use. They also come with a guidance manual for newbies.

Highly economical

Woodworking machines in Kenya are of great quality. Most of them are multi-purpose, with functions ranging from a 1-5 to a 1-7 to a 1-11. Imagine having a machine that can perform eleven functions all in one. How economical is that?

Some of the functions performed by woodworking machines include surface planing, mortising, thickening, sawing, sharpening, routing, and cross-cutting.

Woodworking machine price in Kenya are currently unlike any prices ever offered before. The machines are highly affordable, not to mention, they last a great deal of time. What better investment to make than getting yourself a woodworking machine.

Minimal maintenance cost

Woodworking machines require minimal maintenance and repairs. This lowers the running costs.

Low power usage

As mentioned previously, woodworking machines are powered by electric motors. 3HP heavy-duty motors are used. The motors are made of a great deal of copper, to maximize efficiency. To save power, the machines are also automatically set to power-saving mode.

Among other things that are implemented to make sure your power bills don’t spike on using woodworking machines include, reducing the cycle time of the motor, automatic power monitoring, energy recapture, and use of energy-efficient components in the manufacture.

Highly effective

Woodworking machines give a high power output, enabling users to do a great amount of work in less time, without increasing their bills. The machine is also able to cut through thick wood with a lot of ease. Unlike other wood cutting tools, woodworking machines work well with both soft and hard kinds of woods of wood, like oak.

Woodworking machines, regardless of all the advantages they have, have one downside to them. Compared to handheld tools, woodworking machines are large and therefore need a lot of floor space.


In as much as investing in a woodworking machine is beneficial, great care should be taken in handling the machine as it could be really dangerous if used wrongly. Children should not be allowed to play around the machine, to avoid accidents.


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