Why the 7.5 kva Generator is Trending



A generator is a device that converts mechanical power obtained from an external source to electrical power to be used in external circuits. It is also known as a dynamo.The first ever generator was called the faraday disk invented in 1831 Michael faraday who was a British scientist. 


In a world that is increasingly dependent on energy it’s a priority to have a reliable and sustainable supply of electricity.  They can be powered by either petrol or diesel 

Benefits of having a generator

You are guaranteed constant electricity supply given that you will be backed up by a generator which keeps your important appliances running and prevent food spoilage. It also allows you more mobility as it can provide power supply in hard-to-reach areas lacking electricity. Generators are also used as the primary source of power or backup for farming operations.

What can it power?

We have several electrical appliances that that can be powered by a generator like well pump, refrigerator, freezer, furnace, air conditioner, coffee maker, hot plate, electric lights, microwaves, electric frying pan and many more. The 7.5 kva generator price in Kenya is pocket friendly thus making it the most ideal generator. The quality of the generator is also a factor that will not disappoint you when it comes to this generator 

Electric specification

Power out is 7.5KVA (6.2KW), its current output is 25A, Ratedvoltage IS 230v (single phase) @ 50 Hz. It is fitted with AVR and its DC output is 12v 8.3Ae

Engine specification

It has an electric start key and recoil start air cooled, 4 stroke, OHV, Single cylinder. It has a continuous running time of 9 hours. Its fuel consumption is 2.5liters per hour at full load. It also has a displacement of 445cc and a sound level of 96db (A). Its tank size is 25liters capacity. Its total weight is 86kgs and dimensions is 70 by 54 by 58.

Care and maintenance

 When not in use store your generator in a sheltered place

Never fuel when the engine is running

Do not have a generator installed in your house as it emits carbon monoxide which is harmful to one’s health

Allows check the oil levels and use the right oil depending on the manufacturer’s specifications

Allows remove the petrol or diesel before storing the generator

Always keep the generator clean by changing oil and air filtered once in a while


Generators are important devices in our day to day activities. They are remarkably versatile for use in many situations. It’s important as well to know how this machines work but getting every bit of information so as to maximize its usefulness to its full potential 

What comes to mind when you think of a generator?  Power

It’s wise to select the most ecofriendly generator so as to take care of our environment as well by minimizing the pollution caused by the gases produced and the noise that some produce. Thus choose the appropriate generator for your needs.


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