Why should you use Gamification software

Why should you use Gamification software

Why should you use Gamification software

In today’s post, we will take a look at gamification software and find out what it is. We will also check some of the reasons why companies have started to adopt this concept rather than the traditional reward system to get better results from their clients.

What is gamification software?


Gamification software helps companies and organizations to engage their customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders through game mechanisms.


Gamification software can be used to make customers feel more engaged by creating events and competitions on social media that interest them. This can be done through the company’s website or an app, which is how most people prefer to interact with the software. Gamification can also help boost employee or partner engagement in a fun way by introducing some level of entertainment into the workplace or project.


Other features of the more advanced gamification platforms include marketing automation, loyalty management, survey creation, data visualization, and reporting capabilities.

Gamification? What is it?


Gamification is the application of game design elements, game principles, and game techniques to non-game contexts. Gamification can be used to increase user engagement, team productivity, flow, learning, crowdsourcing, customer engagement, and evaluation.


Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts and the use of game design thinking applied to problem-solving. Gamification can also encourage people to adopt a new system or an existing system with few changes by presenting it as a game.


Applications of gamification are numerous, including health promotion and smoking cessation, energy conservation, exercise, corporate feedback management, financial services, nutrition, weight loss, e-learning, education, website activity tracking, customer engagement and conversions, customer relationship management (CRM), recruiting and hiring, employee training and onboarding, job and schedule planning, time management, payroll processing and human resources (HR), employee performance evaluation and monitoring.


What are the benefits of using gamification software?


High engagement: Employee engagement in organizations using gamification software can be increased by making employees feel invested in their work and the company.


Increased motivation: Gamification software motivates employees by offering rewards for a job well done or for reaching milestones, as well as recognition from management and colleagues.


Improved productivity: Companies use gamification software to increase employee productivity by showing them how their efforts directly contribute to the organization’s success.


Improved loyalty: By using gamification, companies can retain top performers by encouraging a sense of community and friendly competition among colleagues.

What tools are used for software gamification?

The tools used in gamification can be for example:

1)    A progress bar:

Give members a way of assessing the progress of a project. The use of progress bars will help members to assess the amount of work they have put into a group project and encourage them to persevere.

2)    Questionnaires:

Surprise and delight your customers by testing their knowledge of your brand, then rewarding them for correct answers. Use questionnaires to get to know your customers better and offer incentives to those who answer the questions.

3)    Badges:

Give your members badges to wear to show their membership status. Make sure that some badges are easy to get and some are hard to get. This will create a sense of achievement and an exclusive community.


You can use any other kind of gamification tool to give the user a sense of exclusivity and progression that will keep them coming back and bring you more potential users.


Smartico is a gamification software provider that will help you realize your project.


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