Why should you buy PVS-14 and what are their benefits?


The black PVS-14 night vision monocular is a device which helps able us to view even at dark nights. Here, PVS-14 stands for Portable Visual Search this device is basically made for military army and law enforcement or search rescue. This is majorly wide spread in the world. Hence, particularly used by army officers, night hunters and can be used as a weapon for night sight.

It is often used as ‘hands-free’ as it is attached at the top of the helmet. Although you won’t free heavier while wearing, individually light in weight. For proper view it uses third generation image intensifier tube.

PVS-14 uses and handling

PVS14 is a multi-purpose night vision device which is mainly uses at nights to watch a clear a view or things around us. This device is works only at dark dim night. Some of their uses and handling are:-

  • Built in infrared illuminator
  • Manual gain control
  • Automatic brightness control which maintain optimum brightness
  • Automatic highlight cut-off prevents tube
  • Prevents vision damage from bright light
  • Compatible with tactical accessories
  • Includes accessories like- mounting adaptors, focal magnifiers
  • Powered by single AA battery

Why should we buy this?

It produces “green light” which able us to look the objects, humans or animals easily even in the dark dull nights. This is also useful in the wars for the worrier to take fight with clear vision. It is built-in IR illuminator with variable gain control, carries single battery with an ultimate option of ABC (automatic brightness control). Some of the reasons to choose this:-

  1. One-hand on/off:- PVS-14 device is easy to carry, foldable also with an advantage of automatic brightness control. You won’t get in trouble for handling, as it is ‘hands-free’ gadget and fixed at the top of the mounted helmet. With portable on/off, gain control option.
  2. Compact and safer to use:- this type of gadgets are safer and easy to control. Easy to fold and carries lot of features. Some of its main features like- reduces weight on neck, safer in use and compactable.
  3. Lighter to reduce neck/head fatigue:- PVS-14 have an advantage that this is lighter weight which automatically lower down the neck and head pain or tiredness. That is why it attaches to the helmet rather than this.
  4. Battery compartment:- for the better functioning of this gadget this provides option of AA battery. Also gives battery cap and nickel springs to use for long-durable time as it works only at nights. You can easily switch the battery when diminishing as it blurs and dim the vision.
  5. Mounts available for head:- carrying gadgets on hand may trouble you while hunting or at war. For more reliable use this attached to the mounted helmet on the head. This reduces the fatigue of the neck and head and makes body free to focus on the target.

All of the above article may ensure you that how beneficial this device is and why it is useful for army operations or warzones.


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