Why dry firing and shooting simulators are the best option for getting people firearm trained

shooting simulators

The future and safety of the United States are uncertain, many individuals are scared for their safety and many are rushing to gun shops and buying firearms and ammunition as gun sales jumped by 64% in 2020. This means there are many novice and untrained individuals out there that need training as soon as possible. In this post, I hope to prove that shooting simulators and dry fire training are the better alternatives to learning how to safely handle firearms rather than things like ranges or god forbid self-teaching.



At the most basic level, dry fire training is shooting and learning the mechanisms of a gun without the ability for actual rounds to come out, ie. no rounds in the gun. As shooting soft describes it is similar in almost every aspect despite there not being rounds. In dry fire training, the guns unloaded can be demonstrated and how they are able to work despite not having rounds. You can show pistol owners how to put a mag in, where the safety is located, how to move the slide, and even how to use it in self-defense. all from the comfort of your own home using things like online tutorials or even help from expert weapons handlers. A shooting simulator for home is a 2 highly advanced computer system that utilizes lasers and projected screens to make virtual targets for participants to use to learn how to use firearms safely.



There are many advantages to dry fire training and shooting simulators one of them being the cost of ammunition is cut entirely. Shooting repeatedly for training is not a good idea if you don’t know what you’re doing anyway. A “learn it on the fly” attitude is how people get injured and how individuals waste so much money on ammo. Ammo prices in the pandemic have skyrocketed as some 380 caliber rounds were selling for 4 times the original price pre-pandemic. Spending your money on ammo to train yourself at ranges is not only needlessly expensive but also unsafe. It is better to do dry fire training with professionals or by yourself at home and do shootings simulators to learn how to handle your firearm before you assume to know how to use it. Also, f you want to improve your aim and learn to really enjoy the sport of shooting dry fire training is a common step to learn to not be surprised by recoil and to improve your ability to reload without the constant pressure of the fear of messing up leads to serious injury or even death. Shooting simulators can teach even more as computer technology advances and shooting soft describes all of the technological simulations available including fake rounds in guns that can point lasers and ballistics simulation all with no cost to ammunition whatsoever.



In conclusion, dry fire training and shooting simulators are a much better alternative to learning at the range for many reasons. These reasons include the cost of training, the safety of the individual who may be inexperienced and those around them, and the ability to learn how to be a better firearms handler in general.


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