why are fish attracted to green lights?? do underwater green fishing lights really work?

why are fish attracted to green lights?? do underwater green fishing lights really work?

The biggest reason people choose pier green light fishing lights is that green light spreads more through the water than many other colors, attracting not only plentiful bait fish, but also hungry thieves (big fish) to come and eat.

Led fishing light

green fishing lights

Green underwater dock lights

Blue lights also travel well across the water, but are not consistent in attracting fish; they work well in saltwater but don’t seem to attract fish very well in freshwater, reports World Fishing Net.

The green light also helps to promote the growth of zooplankton in the waters surrounding the pier. On the other hand, it will attract bait fish. These hungry little fish find zooplankton a delicious dining experience. Bigger fish are then attracted to baitfish to facilitate fishing and fishing near the pier.

How to install Green Light Fishing Lights for your pier?

While there are DIY submersible lighting kits, we’re talking about mixing water and electricity — an intimidating combination for the uninitiated. Considering that life and health are two of your most valuable possessions, you need to research professional installation.

In Sarasota, Florida, Newsunshine’s commitment to customer care and service led them to establish their Green Light Fishing Lights division to safely and timely meet the power needs of their waterfront customers. Duncan professionals can help terminal owners choose the most suitable facility.

green fishing lights

The marine electric lights for docks, ships and seawalls in the water can all be purchased at newsunshine

When discussing your lighting or other dock needs with an installation professional, in addition to color, there are also types of bulbs to use, proper enclosed electrical outlets, and maintenance to consider.

Manage your underwater fishing lights by creating the ambience and richness you want, and enjoy choosing experts to install and maintain your waterfront environment for reliability and safety and the number of fish you catch. Contact us now!

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