What You Can Expect from Ipe Woods USA

Ipe Woods USA


As a reliable and eco-friendly flooring option, ipe woods have been gradually gaining in popularity in the United States. Their unique appearance and considerable resistance to both insects and rot have made them a sought-after choice for applications such as porches, decks, sunrooms, and even indoors. Ipe Woods USA is committed to supplying top-quality ipe woods to builders, remodelers, and homeowners throughout the country. All of their lumber is sourced from sustainably managed forests, meaning that trees are replanted to offset those that are harvested. In addition, all of their lumber is FSC certified, meaning that it meets the highest standards for responsible forestry management. They take pride in their sustainable practices and in the quality of lumber. The products are sourced from well-managed forests and kiln-dried for stable moisture content, giving you the assurance that your projects will be beautiful and long-lasting. 

Why should you choose Ipe Woods USA? 

Ipe Woods USA is a company that deals in the sale and exportation of Ipe decking, flooring, and fencing. Many people might ask themselves why they should choose Ipe Woods USA, especially when there are so many other decking companies to choose from. There are many reasons you should choose Ipe Woods USA. 

  • They offer the highest quality ipe wood products on the market and are dedicated to providing their customers with excellent service. 
  • In addition, they work closely with their clients to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they need. 
  • They also have a wide range of products available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. 
  • They have the best quality Ipe in the world.
  • They have the best prices in the world.
  • They offer free shipping on all orders over $1500.

 Ipe Woods USA warranty and return policy

When you make a big purchase, it’s important to know what the company’s warranty and return policy are. Ipe Woods USA offers a warranty on all of its products for materials and craftsmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If you have any problems with your product, please contact them, and they will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. They also offer a 30-day return policy on all products, for any reason. 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them, and they will arrange for a return. The warranty offered by Ipe Woods USA is a satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the product, Ipe Woods USA will refund the purchase price or replace the product. When you buy Ipe Woods USA decking, fencing, or siding, you are making an investment in your home and property. As such, they want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. 


As a company that is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, you can expect nothing but the best products and services from us. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise and knowledge to help you find the perfect wood for your needs. 


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