What are the requirements for an Indian visa for Japanese citizens?

Japanese citizens


An Indian visa for Japanese citizens is not as stringent as for other countries. There are no requirements for a criminal record, a valid passport, or proof of Income.  To apply for an Indian visa, you will need to provide your original passport and identity card, along with your current residence and work permits. To be a Japanese citizen, you must have a valid Indian visa. To get a visa, you must provide evidence of your Indian citizenship and income. The requirements vary depending on the country you are requesting your visa from – but generally speaking, you will need to have an income of at least $50,000 per year and live in India for at least 3 years.

Indian Visa for Croatian Citizens

The Croatian Embassy in India offers a visa on arrival for Croatian citizens. This visa is valid for 3 months and can be extended for 30 days if the applicant has compelling reasons. The embassy also offers a range of Scholarships and donation opportunities to help Indian Visa for Croatian Citizens. Croatian citizens can receive an Indian visa if they visit India for tourism or business purposes. The visa allows the holder to stay for 3 months and is valid for 90 days. On arrival, Croatian citizens can apply for a Croatian visa if they are visiting Croatia for a tourist purpose and will not be working or studying there. The visa is valid for 3 months and can be renewable.

Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens

If you are on an Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens and have been living in Japan for more than six months, you may be able to apply for an Indian visa. Applying for an Indian visa is very straightforward, so familiarize yourself with the requirements before you start. When applying for an Indian visa, remember to provide proof of your Indian citizenship and residency. Japanese citizens can easily get visas to stay in India through the consulate or embassy. There are many reasons why Japanese citizens might want to visit India, such as for business or tourism purposes.

 Indian visas are available on a short-term basis and usually last around 3 weeks. When traveling to Japan, carry your Indian visa with you. This visa allows you to stay for a set period and can be used multiple times in Japan. When visiting certain areas, it is also advisable to bring your passport and Indian visa to avoid any difficulties. Japanese citizens can apply for an Indian visa if they travel to India for a tourism or business trip. The visa requirements vary depending on the purpose of the visit, but most require a valid passport and visa documents. 

You don’t need to apply for a visa if you are already a Japanese national. However, if you are visiting India for the first time, it’s recommended that you do so before your trip since there is a low chance of getting a visa on arrival. Many Japanese passport holders are interested in traveling to India but need to learn how to get a visa. Indian embassies and missions offer visas per-country basis, so it’s important to find out which will work best for you.


An Indian visa is not required for Japanese citizens. However, the applicant must be able to prove they are holding a valid Indonesian passport and that they are not taking part in any activity that could contravene Indonesian law.


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