What are the main elements of a construction cost estimate?

What are the main elements of a construction cost estimate?

There are many possibilities to deal with the different estimating services for our clients to manage and assist their construction project. Many expert construction estimators deal with the professional Xactimate estimating services for different clients by considering several elements. Below are the few main terms and concepts for the awareness of extensive degree of delivering construction cost estimate.

Labor hour

A labor hour or a man hour is one of the main unit work that effectively measures one person’s real output to work for one hour.

Quantity takeoff

It develops during the pre-construction phase and a quantity take-off to measure the materials and labor required to complete a project.

Labor Rate

The labor rate is amount per hour one pays to different skilled craftsmen. It includes the basic hourly rate and benefits on the added costs of overtime and payroll burdens like worker compensation and unemployment insurance.

Material prices

Our cost of materials is prone to fluctuation to rely on market conditions that include seasonal variation, cost estimators to introspect historical cost data, and different phases of buying cycle while calculating the expected material prices.

Subcontractors Quotes

Many contractors out there will effectively rely on electrical estimating services to hire multiple specialist subcontractors to fulfill construction parts. It is evident to add subcontractor’s quotes to contractor’s total estimate. It is quite helpful to use a tracker to evaluate all the subcontractor documentation in a certain place.


While generating profits a contractor usually adds a margin to the cost to complete the work and subcontractors usually do the same while preparing their quotes.


An accurate estimates is likely to affect by different unforeseeable factors that includes materials wastage, an estimate that can have a predetermined sum of money built in that account for added amount of costs


Escalation is one of the important factors that deals with the natural inflation of costs over time and it is especially essential to take into account long-running projects. Our projects usually have escalation causes that address a certain thing to handle this inflation.


An owner usually demands a contractor to arrange the issuance of a performance bond for the project owner. The bond function is usually considered a guarantee of delivery and a contractor fails to complete the project according to the contract terms. An owner mainly entitle to compensation for monetary losses up to the amount covered by the performance bond.

Capital Costs

Capital costs are usually simple and associate a costs while establishing a facility. It includes the cost of acquiring land, cost of conducting feasibility studies and a pre-design phase. It also involves paying the architect, engineer, and special member of the design team, total cost of construction to cover the material, equipment and labor, and the administrative, permitting, and supervision costs.

It also includes insurance fees or taxes, cost of temporary equipment or structures that are usually not final construction. The cost of hiring a commissioner and the cost of inspecting the structure during their completion. It is also essential during the CPM Scheduling services.

Operations and maintenance costs

It concerns the owner rather than the contractor, it accounts for the operations and maintenance costs during the design phase and make different choices that lower the total lifetime cost of a building and results into higher construction costs. It operates different costs, including land rent, salaries of permanent operations staff, maintenance cost, renovation expenses, and insurance.


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