Types of Banarasi Designs to Choose From

Banarasi Designs

When it comes to Banarasi sarees, it is one of the finest sarees that one can flaunt at any occasion. The origin of this saree is from the land of Varanasi and hence the name. Intricate designs and motifs are the primary parts of the making of this saree and this is why; they hold the essence of exclusiveness.

In fact, this saree is a very prominent one in Indian culture as it is an integral part of the wedding trousseau and in most Indian weddings this particular type of saree is worn by the bride. The extravagant design, the fabric, and the gorgeous look set them apart from any other patterns of sarees.

While looking for banarasi sarees wholesale one can be introduced to various types of banarasi sarees. The classification is majorly done so that one can pick them up for different occasions and festivals according to their styles and designs.


It is a kind of silk that is lustrous and that is why; this variation of Banarasi saree is quite extravagant. It has a plain fabric that is woven with the help of pure silk threads and then twisted and woven further. Katan is considered to be a very durable saree that can be passed down through generations. The luster and shine of this saree is something that makes it very unique, and one can wear them on any glamorous occasion.


When it comes to Banarasi variations, this one is lightweight as compared to the others. The fabric is woven with contemporary designs, and this is quite cost-effective as well. Because of its design patterns and fabric, one can wear them for more regular and casual occasions.

 Organza or Kora

This is another variety where the zari work is the primary thing and it comes in predominant shades of silver and gold. They have a certain richness in their look and the fabric which is used to make this saree is comparatively heavy. The embroidery on them is quite rich and the intricate designs make them unique. One can wear them in occasions like weddings or festivals. The major characteristic of this saree is a presence of a prominent border irrespective of the ensemble design on the body.


This is very much distinguishable. Being the earliest specimen among the Banarasi designs these ones are woven with colorful silk threads and vegetation motifs as saree patterns.

When one is looking for Banarasi sarees online wholesale, one can also look for Tanchoi and Jamdani variations.


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