Top 3 Construction Industry Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Top 3 Construction Industry Trends for 2022 and Beyond

After two turbulent years of changing anticipations and adjusting forecasts, 2022 looks like a year of re-emergence and massive growth in the construction industry. Despite the persistence of increased construction expenses and labor shortages, the construction industry is challenged to incorporate competitive ideas that can boost overall productivity, such as mobile screening plants. Besides, the global construction industry is also coming up with long-term solutions to reduce error and waste on construction sites.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has immensely changed how the construction industry conducts business, we can expect changes in other aspects of the industry, such as meeting with clients, scheduling project tasks, and hiring new talent.

Innovative technology has continued to transform the working mechanism of construction sites, boost their potential to complete construction projects within a certain deadline, and boost profit margins. Innovative trends and movements will change the roles of the frontline workers and other professionals in the construction industry.

Here are three must-watch construction industry trends for 2022 and beyond!


Protective Equipment

The pandemic has drastically impacted the employer-employee relationship, where the safety and health of the employees is a priority for potential employers. That said, you can expect further updates in state regulations and the construction site guidelines regarding an emphasis on safety protocols and cleanliness. This aspect also includes a boost in union influence and the potential increase in the time and cost of different construction projects.

The construction industry is also expecting a rise in automated machinery that is capable of assessing common safety concerns and eliminating those potential threats in time. Besides, wearable innovations will also become parts of construction sites, such as work boots connected to the Wi-Fi, which can alert the authorities in the case of an accident or injury.


Innovative Technology

Another great differentiator for construction developers in the upcoming year(s) will be incorporating innovative technology; particularly, technology that boosts efficiency. Due to the increased reliance on technology, the popularity of innovative technology will increase in 2022 and beyond. That said, automation and robotics are at the front regarding the most popular construction trends since automation can solve loads of potential construction industry problems, such as labor shortages. Automation and robotics will allow construction companies to boost efficiency and productivity irrespective of the team size.


Smart Contracts

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of blockchain technology, and many experts see this innovative technology as a vital source for relationship improvement within the construction industry. This means that the inclusion of blockchain technology will lay the foundation of a secure and essentially fast-moving workflow. At the same time, all parties that are part of the construction project will actively participate in productivity improvement.

The integration of smart contracts allows all organizations in the construction project access to a shared system to conduct business while allowing them to purchase, track, and make payments for services. Construction companies can use smart contracts as a single tracking system where blockchain technology enforces all rules and deadlines.


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