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The Tenant-Based Program at Limitless Home Services in Boston aims to give low-income residents an opportunity to purchase or rent an affordable unit. Applicants must meet specific criteria, including income, household size, and geography. In some cases, a voucher is paid in full, while others require the tenant to pay the difference between the voucher’s value and the rent. Homeless families living in shelters or motels are targeted for the program’s recent expansion. Applicants are offered a voucher after meeting a waiting list, which can be long and closed due to high demand.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) administers the Tenant-Based Program. The vouchers are issued by the BHA for eligible low-income residents. These vouchers are tied to a specific private or nonprofit development. Applicants must apply for specific communities to qualify for the program. Limitless Home Services Boston Housing Tenant-Based Program


While determining the criteria for a preferred apartment, you should be aware that the number of applicants is often much greater than the number of apartments. As such, certain housing programs must establish preferences and priorities. Priorities are categories for people with special status or those with the most urgent housing needs. Both federal and state housing programs have priority lists. Applicants should not worry if they do not qualify for a preferred apartment.

If you are a member of a group that receives a preference category, you should be prepared to present documents that prove your status. While these documents may not be necessary until you are accepted, it is still advisable to prepare them in case they ask for them. There are a number of other factors to consider in determining your preference category. For example, some programs do not prioritize homeless people. In such cases, it is important to consider the housing authority’s policy before applying for a particular apartment.


The new Designated Housing Plan has been approved by the Boston Housing Authority. This plan is aimed at enhancing the quality of Boston’s affordable housing stock. The new plan also aims to ensure that all Boston housing units are affordable and offer limitless services. For more information, please refer to the Administrative Plan. Here’s what it entails:

Application process

The application process for Boston housing authority’s limitless home services is a lengthy one. The time between submitting an application and receiving a housing offer can be years, depending on the applicant’s status and priority points. The waiting list may have anywhere from 1,200 to 13,000 families. However, waiting times may vary daily, so it’s difficult to provide a rough estimate. You can expect to wait for three, six, or nine months for the final eligibility screening process.


Eligibility for public housing in Boston varies by building, so be sure to research the waiting list requirements before submitting an application. The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) maintains a site-based waiting list for eligible families. The waiting list is broken into two parts: studio/1-bedroom units and the few existing 2-bedroom units. You will need to apply as a single person or as a household with a co-head; both applicants will have equal rights and privileges.


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