The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is as ‘Ultra’ as smartphones get!

Samsung Galaxy

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is “THE” flagship phone for all your business needs. It’s premium in its looks, features and internals but here are the top ten things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that make it a must-have!


If there is one thing that makes the Galaxy Note a member of the coveted series, it’s the S-Pen! But this beloved feature got an upgrade on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. When using a stylus, tactile feedback is paramount. While the sensation of the stylus on glass can’t be changed a lot, something that can be changed and improved is the latency. The Note 20 Ultra has a blazing fast 9 ms latency, translating to your gestures and clicks having near-instantaneous results on the screen. In addition, the S-Pen also has a sound that replicates the sound of chalk on a chalkboard for an enhanced experience. 

Samsung Dex

The dex on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was designed to turn the smartphone into a wireless trackpad for a TV, simplifying business presentations while elevating the presentation. 

Project xCloud

The Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra was the first phone in the world to feature special optimisations for the Xbox Project xCloud! This feature transforms your smartphone into a portable console that can play over 90 Xbox titles via the Xbox Game Pass. The only requirement is pairing up your phone with a Bluetooth-enabled XBox controller. Project xCloud allows you to enjoy these gaming titles on your TV without owning an Xbox!

Three years of software updates 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra boasts three years’ worth of software updates, guaranteeing the device’s longevity and smooth functioning while ensuring it’s on par with the Google Pixel. 

UFS 3.1 Storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s stylish exteriors are only matched by its spec-heavy internals. The UFS 3.1 storage of the Note 20 Ultra is three times faster than the storage of the S20 Ultra while being energy-efficient. As such, the Note 20 Ultra has blazing-fast speed while ensuring you get the most out of that 4500mAh battery. 

Back Camera

The rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a triple-camera setup that is nothing short of spectacular. The primary camera is a 108 MP 26mm wide camera and the other two are 12 MP. The layout provides 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. The rear camera can shoot videos in the 21:9 aspect ratio on 8k resolution and 1080p at 120fps, which is perfect for aspiring filmmakers. 

The UWB Chip

The UWB Chip on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra makes it one of the few Android smartphones capable of fast file transfer. Point the phone at another Android device equipped with the chip and it’ll detect the same in time and space, allowing for a hassle-free file transfer experience. 

Toughest Glass

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is wrapped in the toughest glass ever made by Corning. It offers guaranteed protection against 6ft drops and exceptional resistance against scratches. 

The display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra boots a screen-to-body ratio of 91.7%, giving it a stunning front profile. The dynamic AMOLED, 120 Hz screen with an adaptive refresh rate is pleasing to the eyes. 

Reverse Charging

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s glass back is an example of elegant functionality. It both looks and feels premium and allows for wireless reverse charging at 4.5 W, which can come in handy in a pinch!

All things considered, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is an excellent pickup if you’re looking to upgrade from your old Note device or wish to experience the added functionality of the S-Pen.


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