The Case Study | TikTok Story- How to perform Husky – Big G story

Any kind of video format is just to show better story to the audience, the core is ideas and creative mind, and the TikTok story is the mediator of those ideas and minds.

If you have studied more than 100 viral cases, you will be surprised to find that many videos show us a story, some are deeply moving, some are funny, some are shocking.

Before you start shooting a TikTok video, you need to ask if you have a good story!

Today, we will come together to study the very hot pet video in the Chinese Version TikTok named BIG G, to have a look what story they have.



| There is no dog story without conflict!

In the world of dog stories, people don’t like uninteresting dog life, people don’t like the ending that can be predicted. The audience will soon lose interest in such dog story.

When the dog story reverses and the dog’s expectations conflict with final ending, audience may start spending time in the video and paying attention to the story.If the dog is very obedient and perfect, I guess no one would like to see.


| Desire + obstacle = conflict

The story of a dog is to create trouble. You have to keep the dog in trouble and conflict. So, you can understand as conflict is a trouble.But not all troubles are conflicts. The conflicts in the story should be interesting conflicts that can push forward the plot to make progress.

As concerning an interesting conflict to happen, you must give the dog an interesting desire and an interesting obstacle. Let’s take closer eye for this story next.

First of all, there are two desires for the “Big G” in the video. The first is to unpack the owner’s express.


The second is to cover up itshuge mistakes before master come back! Because Big G has messed up the master’s paintings with slobber!


The obstacle is master about to return soon, she must cover up her fault before master returning. (Be pressed for time!)

                                                             MASTER COME BACK

If “Big G” ignores this obstacle and does not take action! Then she will be seriously blamed even beaten by her master!

So, she took this action -Wear the painting on its neck, make the head out of painting!


Two desires and one obstacle create the conflict we were talking about.

If the “Big G” damaged something nothing related with master, this is not a conflict.

Therefore, the “Big G” supposed to damage the master’s favorite thing, even have to do something that the master can’t stand!


If Big G knows clearly that she will be blamed or punished by master due to damage the painting, she will not risk her life to open the package. Then, the story is not eager, no conflict, and no story either.


| Conflict + action + ending = story

Let’s study another the story “The buck stops here” and see how the story is set!

The conflict is to push the “Big G” to act, forcing the Big G to use its own conditions to take some action in a unique way that reveals its own personality.

Here is an example, she wants to pee at home + the master does not allow it, which creates a conflict.

                                                                     Really needs to pee!

Eventually, she sneaked to pee at home, and in order to cover up the mistake, he drank the urine!

Then what is the personality? Funny!



I drink it then no one knows!

The conflict + action produced the end of drinking urine, end up with a complete story.

Ok! The dog does not know how to write a story. This is composed by human being. So, can you write a good story now?


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