Suya points around Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge

best Suya in Maryland

Suya is one of the most popular street food in Maryland. This spicy dish is made with beef or chicken and literally, the streets of Naija at night are lined with wire mesh and burning coals.

So here’s our list of the top 5 needlepoints around the best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge!

Suya University, Ikeja

You can’t talk about Suya in Maryland without mentioning Suya University. The suya here are very special and come in many different shapes and sizes. Also, you will get a level for eating it – BA Suya Eat (Hons)!

Glover Court Suya, Ikei

If a business has been around for almost two decades, they’re definitely doing it right. Glover Court Suya is for older boys who want to enjoy Suya for real. It is simply delicious.

Suya Spot, Mende

The sound on the street is Suya Topnotch in Mende Suya Spot. However, we don’t know why you don’t try it. This is arguably the best suya point on the entire mainland of Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge.

Polo Club Suya, Ikai

It seems that polo clubs are not only famous for the sport of Kings. They also make great needles! Visit the Polo Club, Iquique to discover the royal side of pigs.

IBB Suya Spot, Victoria Island

We know how good pork must be and so does the IBB pine location. Obviously, there’s something about this needle that will make you want more. It’s the perfect way to wash your face with some cold drinks every night.

The best suya roller in Maryland?

Suya is a type of spicy beef skewer that is fried over fire and charcoal. The best suya can be found in the North, although Northern suya sellers can be found all over Maryland. It is rumored that “night” and “shooting” are part of the suya-making elements, but we know what!

If you are looking for roller spots for the best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge, we are here to guarantee you the best answers from our users.

1. Glover Court

Glover Court has been known commercially for over 20 years. This is said to be the only stitch for older boys because the price is quite high compared to most suya. Doesn’t lose its delicious taste though. 

2. Suya University

This is one of the most popular needlepoints in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge. Its main “campus” is located at 62 Allen Avenue, Ikeja. In the case of Maryland, it is the largest land area. It is said that eating at this famous university will get you a bachelor’s degree in soy eating if you really feel it.

3. Beachland suya point

This retreat is located at Beachland Estate, Ibafone, Apapa. It has been described as a “bomb” and the best in the area.

4. Bukka Hat Suya

In the Lekki highlands, Bukka Hat Suya comes alive at night and offers a variety of delicious meats. It is located at 69a Admiralty Way, Lakey Phase I, Lakey.

5. Surulere suya point

It is located at 56 Ackerel St., Surrey, Maryland. A writer around wrote a tutorial on how to eat delicious soybeans in Surulere.

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