Some Proven Ways to Stop Losing at Poker

Losing at Poker

Losing at Poker

All poker players have been in a similar situation. They sit down at the poker table to play another session and despite the best efforts they leave with fewer chips than they started with.

They hit their flush again, straight on the river and so on. You just can’t seem to win a hand of poker. It all seems hopeless, you are totally sick of losing at poker!

If so then this article is for you. Because I am going to give you some proven ways to finally stop losing at poker.

Now I can’t promise that you will be playing poker like a real pro player when you are finished reading this article, but it will definitely help you stop losing at poker!


1. Fold Versus Turn and River Raises

The first way to stop losing at poker is going to require a bit of faith on your part. And it might even sound a bit crazy at first!

But from now on, if you only have one pair on the turn or river and they raise you, then you need to fold your hand.

In low-stakes poker games which are mostly full of passive players these days, a raise on the turn or the river very often represents a huge hand.

And what do I mean by “huge hand?” I mean something that beats one pair!

Now I know it’s painful if you have AA or KK. But trust me on this one, this is really going to help you stop losing at poker.

I love pocket aces and pocket kings as much as you do. But you have to remember that it is just one pair. Winning poker players know when to fold an overpair.

Believe me, when they start raising you on the turn or river it is because they have you beat. Just close your eyes and fold your hand.

You will be thanking me later.


2. Remove SlowplayFrom Your Poker Vocabulary

This next tip to stop losing at poker might be difficult at first as well. Often we see our poker heroes on TV like Daniel Negreanu making brilliant slowplays and roping them into making a big mistake.

But you have to understand that they are doing this in high-stakes poker games versus world-class opponents. In fact, he even mentions this specifically in his new poker course!

Slow-playing often does work well in these games. But it doesn’t work well in your $10 game online or your $1/$2 game at the local casino though!

And this is because many of your opponents in these games are calling stations (e.g. they love to call). Therefore, you are losing a lot of money by not betting your hand.

This is a huge reason why people lose at poker. You have to build the pot for them and never slowplay your big hands in low-stakes games.

The next time you get pocket aces for instance. Just raise and re-raise it. Play it in the most stupidly obvious and straightforward way possible.

This is the way to win the most with big hands like AA. You never want to get tricky against bad poker players. Believe me, it will just go right over their heads.

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3. Fish at the Table or You Leave

The next way to stop losing at poker might be the most effective winning poker strategy that I can possibly give you for today’s games.

And that is, you need to always have a big fish at your poker table. If you can’t immediately identify the mark, then you leave. It’s that simple.

The reason why this is so important is that the fish is how we make the money in this game. Just look at the loose maniac in this video and what kind of nonsense they will show up with!

You are going to absolutely print money against these goofballs in the long run!

If you play online poker then you should use a HUD. Your HUD will tell you who the fish are. They will have a VPIP (percentage of hands played) that is 40% or higher.

In live poker games, you just have to look for the guy who is playing too many hands, limping, calling down with bad hands, and so on.

If you don’t have one of these guys at your table, you leave. I can guarantee that this strategy will immediately help you stop losing at poker. It is slightly different if you play online like the online site idn poker, but the main thing is still the same.


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