[Solved] QuickBooks error 15106

[Solved] QuickBooks error 15106

Is it difficult to update payrolls? Does the software not open? Problems like this often occur with QuickBooks. A typical cause is error 15106. To resolve everything above, you must get rid of the update error. 

You can resolve QuickBooks Error 15106 with the information provided in this post. Let’s start now. We’ll work together to resolve it.  

What is Error 15106 QuickBooks?

Payroll updates are the most common cause of QuickBooks error 15106. Damaged payroll software and systems are likely the cause. We are unable to open the update program, which appears damaged and is causing problems with work. 

Reasons for Existence of Error Code 15106 QuickBooks

There are a number of sources that can cause QuickBooks update error 15106:

  • An error can occur when spyware protection software or anti-virus software is pre-installed. As a result, updating is not possible.
  • This error may also be caused by User Account Control, which cannot be disabled. 
  • There is no administrative access to your account. 

Easy Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Update Error 15106

The following methods will assist you in troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 15106. 

Method 1: Log in as an Administrator

  • Launch QuickBooks by right-clicking on the desktop icon. 
  • The next step is to select Run as administrator.
  • Type the administrator’s credentials now.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • You now have access to the admin panel for your system.

The following method can also be used as an alternative.

  • To begin, tap on the Start button.
  • After that, tap the option Switch users in the bottom right corner.
  • Fill in the admin credentials.
  • Now you can convert your user account into an administrator account easily.

Method 2: Disable UAC

It is necessary to turn off UAC in order to resolve error code 15106. Using the following steps, you can modify the user account control settings for Windows 8, 8.1, 7 and 10.

  • Go to the start menu and tap on the search field.
  • Type control panel into the search box.
  • You will then see the option for user accounts.
  • Choose Change user account control settings from the drop-down menu.
  • To turn off the UAC, turn on the Yes button, then click the Never notify button.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • Tap the Always notify button now that UAC has been enabled.
  • Click OK once again.
  • You can then restart your computer system to see if the problem persists.

Method 3: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, Connection Diagnostic & Component Repair Tool 

It is possible to fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106 and related errors using a variety of tools. Here is a list of some of them.

  1. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks install diagnostic tool helps in fixing 15XXX series errors and other install errors occurring in QuickBooks.

  1. QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool

QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool helps in resolving the connection and network-related errors prevailing in QuickBooks. 

  1. QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

For repairing QuickBooks and its related components, the QBs Component Repair tool is a must.  

Method 4: QBs Clean Install

Make a copy of your QuickBooks desktop and your license information. Back up your company files. If you select the selective startup mode, all currently running applications will be closed without interfering with your work. Follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows key and R to open the run window.
  • Click OK after you type MSConfig.
  • Click on the General tab and select Selective startup.
  • Choose the Load system services option.
  • You can hide all Microsoft services by selecting Hide all Microsoft services under the services tab.
  • By checking the box, the user can hide all Microsoft services. 
  • Choose Disable all options.
  • Check the box next to the services in the Windows installer.
  • It is now time to restart your system.
  • After uninstalling QuickBooks desktop software, you should reinstall it.
  • As soon as you have re-installed Windows successfully, run msconfig again.
  • Click the OK button under the general tab and then select the normal startup option.
  • Finally, restart your system.

Method 5: Using the Task Manager

  • Use CTRL + Shift + Esc to open the task manager.
  • Search for your antivirus program on the Processes tab. An example is Spy Sweeper.
  • Once you get the End process option, tap on it.

Method 6: Using QBs File Doctor

  • The first step is to download QuickBooks.
  • The dashboard appears once you open it. Select the Company File Issues tab.
  • Then tap on the green tab that reads Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • To identify all prevailing errors, it will conduct its own self-scan.
  • In a few seconds, it will automatically troubleshoot all errors found.
  • Finally, restart your computer. 

Method 7: Folder Rename

  • Press Windows + E to open the File Explorer.
  • Choose C:/ProgramFiles/Intuit/QuickBooks(year)/Components from the program files list. 
  • Simply right-click on the folder DownloadQBXX to proceed.
  • Navigate to the menu and choose Rename.
  • Put a .old extension on the file name now.
  • In the final step, make sure the QuickBooks desktop is updated again.

The Bottom Line

Payroll updates generally result in error 15106. A system or software issue is responsible. Our goal was to provide you with quick solutions to your QuickBooks Error 15106 problem and to cover all its details from beginning to end. Hopefully, you are enjoying our content and not experiencing any more problems. 


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