Primary Duties off Pharmacy Technicians

Primary Duties off Pharmacy Technicians

We all notice the people smiling at us and handing us our medicine in a pharmacy. It may seem like these pharmacists only play the role of a cashier, but that is not true.

People at a Canadian pharmacy who we refer to as pharmacists are called pharmacy technicians. Their jobs are not just limited to handing us our medicines – it is much more than that. They are qualified health care officials who can guide you about medication and can prescribe drugs to you!

We underestimate the roles of pharmacy technicians present at a Canadian pharmacy. However, in this article, we will tell you about the primary duties of these technicians.

They receive and confirm prescription orders

One of the significant duties of pharmacy technicians involves receiving and confirming prescription orders. While it may seem like an easy task, it is not one!

In modern society, most prescription orders come through e-prescriptions. Technicians at a Canadian pharmacy have to use special software to retrieve the prescriptions. Their job does not end here.

They also have to check if the prescription has insurance coverage or not before the patient comes in to pick up the medicines. So they have to be very vigilant while doing all their work. This means they have to ensure everything is correctly spelled and dated.

Even a small mistake can cost them major issues.

Answering patient queries

Technicians present at a Canadian pharmacy don’t only give you the medicines. They have to be prepared for any type of question that a patient may ask them.

These questions can be about the side effects of the medicine a patient is taking. Moreover, patients can come and ask pharmacists for their advice. This means patients can come and tell their symptoms to the technicians. When assessing the problem, technicians can either give the patient some medicine or ask them to see a doctor.

Preparing the medication

After receiving the prescriptions, it is a technician’s job at a Canadian pharmacy to fill the prescription.

This is not an easy task as they have to ensure they put the right amount of pills in a bottle. Moreover, they have to label it appropriately. Otherwise, there can be heavy repercussions.

In conclusion

To wrap it up, pharmacy technicians have a vital role in our lives. They are qualified professionals who are often not given the respect they deserve.

Just know these technicians can be of great help to you!


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