NBA 2K22 Season 5: Everything We Know So Far


Buy NBA 2K coins from A6K hassle-free and at the best prices! NBA 2K22 Season 4 is in full swing, bringing with it a slew of new content to get fans back online on a daily basis. But those with an eye on the future may be wondering how long the current season is going to last, or, for that matter, what new content is coming to the game. If you’re curious about what’s coming, read on. Here’s everything we know so far about NBA 2K22 Season 5. 

In the past, each new NBA 2K22 season has started on the same day the previous season has ended. That said, at the time of writing there is no official release date for NBA 2K22 Season 5. It’s also worth noting that so far all seasons have lasted exactly the same: 6 weeks, or 42 days. 

If we assume that NBA 2K22 Season 4 also lasts the same, Season 5 should start at the same timeline in 2022. Of course, it is always possible that future seasons will be extended in case the developers need to delay the start of a new season.

As mentioned above, there is no official release date for the fifth season. However, when it arrives we imagine it will start at the same time as previous seasons, which have always started at the same time, 4pm GMT / 11am ET.


At the moment there have been no leaks to suggest what content might be coming to NBA 2K22 Season 5. We could find out more throughout the month of March in the lead up to the new season, so stay tuned for updates as we get them.


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