ICBC Motor Vehicle Injury-Physiotherapy Treatment

ICBC Motor Vehicle Injury-Physiotherapy Treatment


After being in a motor vehicle accident and sustaining an injury, you are trying to recover and move on. However, sometimes it may not be simple and more accessible for you how hard you may try. You might find it challenging to return to your routine at work or home. It is important to remember that injuries take time to heal, and recovery is a process. Post-accident physiotherapy is a great option to speed up your recovery.

Both drivers and passengers may suffer injuries after a car accident. Even in minor accidents, such as fender benders, sometimes physical symptoms and pain can occur. Therefore, anyone involved in an accident is recommended to seek medical attention immediately, even if they don’t have any immediate symptoms, since problems can often arise weeks or days later.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries:

Car accidents can cause many injuries. Whiplash is one common injury after an MVA. Whiplash is an abnormal movement that causes the neck to move in a direction other than its normal range of motion. This can lead to soft tissue damage to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, neck, and shoulders. Whiplash symptoms can sometimes be felt days or weeks after an accident. Injuries commonly sustained after a car accident include head trauma/concussion, spine injuries, soft tissue injury to neck and back, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries.

Physiotherapy and Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries:

One of many treatments that fall under the umbrella of “rehabilitation” is physiotherapy treatment after an accident. This rehabilitation has one main goal: to help you recover, maintain or improve activity as early as possible and to allow you to live your life as soon as possible following your accident. Exercise-based rehabilitation is provided to help treat your injuries. You may be eligible and are covered under an ICBC physiotherapy insurance claim for your Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation after the accident.

Usually, physiotherapy is a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery after an accident-related injury. For example, you might have pain from a soft tissue injury such as whiplash to neck or back, affecting your ability to perform manual tasks, work, and daily life activities. Physiotherapy treatment helps alleviate pain or discomfort and stiffness in your joints and muscles and move more efficiently to reduce pain and dysfunction.

After an accident, physiotherapy can help, and physiotherapists have experience and skill in treating common Motor Vehicle Accident related injuries and help patients recover from injuries with the combination of exercises, manual therapy and education.

Do you live in British Columbia, Canada, have been involved in an accident, and have insurance coverage through ICBC? Then, you will be eligible to get physiotherapy treatments without any cost. If you’re looking for effective treatment to start with your recovery after an accident, consult with a physiotherapist.



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