How to Make a Hoodie from Scratch

Hoodie from Scratch

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a custom hoodie, there are a few simple steps you can take. The first step is to measure your garment. Then, you’ll need to draw a sketch of the hoodie. If you don’t already have one, you can also use a pattern.

Using an old hooded sweatshirt

Start by folding the front and back parts of the hoodie so that the hem is at the bottom. Then, match up the notches on each sleeve and sew them together. Fold the inner pocket piece over the sleeve and sew it together. Repeat this step for the other side of the hoodie.Click now

If the hoodie has a zipper, use a zipper foot to secure it. Make sure the teeth are facing the center of the opening. Once the zipper is inserted, fold the hoodie right sides together and press.

Now, lay the hoodie flat on the work surface. Mark the hood’s edges. The hood opening’s raw edge should line up with the raw edge on the top. Make sure to leave a few inches of space for the zipper. Cut the lining piece to match the same size and shape.

Next, measure the hood. Make sure to include the hood and arm holes. Make sure to leave about a half-inch seam allowance on both sides. If you don’t want a hood, you can skip this step. If you’d like to make a hooded sweatshirt, follow these steps.

Using a sewing machine

A hoodie can be made from a single piece of fabric or a double-layered fabric, and there are a few different ways to stitch it together. Before you begin sewing, you will want to determine which of your materials will work best for the hood. A single-layer hoodie is easier to sew than a double-layer hood.

If you’re using a t-shirt, you can cut the hood line and arms out. Make sure that the hood and sleeve hems are cut evenly so that the volume is evenly distributed. Next, pin and stitch the hood and cuffs together using a 1cm seam allowance. When you’re done sewing, reinforce the sleeve seams with a straight stitch.

After cutting your pieces, you will need to match the center-back of the hood with the center-back of the body. Once you have matched the two sides, you will be able to sew them together. Once you’ve matched the center-back of the hood and c-front seams, attach the hood and cuffs to the body. Once all of these pieces are attached, stitch the hem band.

Using a pattern

If you are making a hoodies manufacturers in USA from scratch, you need to follow a pattern. The main parts of the hoodie are the body and sleeves. The hoodie should start at the center of the chest and extend beyond the front. You will then sew the front and back pieces together. After sewing the front piece, you will need to sew the sleeve cuffs. Be sure to press the hem band and the front piece together.

The hoodie has four layers: an outer sleeve opening, a lining sleeve piece, and a hood band. Each sleeve cuff should have a center notch that matches the shoulder seam. You can also attach a sleeve top by matching the center notch with the shoulder seam. You should now stitch along the edges of the hoodie and sleeve band, making sure to keep the cuffs out of the way while you are stitching.


Sewing the hood onto the shirt is a little tricky. It’s best to use a contrasting fabric to avoid the shirt looking too plain. The hood itself will be getting a lot of wear, so you need to make sure the seam is finished. To finish the seam, you can use a server or zigzag stitch. You can also attach a ribbon to the hood to make it more comfortable to wear.


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