How to do a visa application online?

visa application

visa application


Are you worried about the visa online application? The days are going to where people have to stand in line for the visa application all day. The Government of India has launched an electronic travel system where anyone can apply online. Which are allowed in 180 countries, and there is no need to go physical for stamping as well. This new type of system is called e-Visa India. This also allows foreign visitors to visit India for five major purposes, business, and medical visits. There are many further sub-categories. This method is a very secure and trusted method of visa. Paper or conventional is not recorded in this method. Also, an additional benefit to the traveler is that they don’t have to visit the local Indian embassy or high commission to secure which can be procured online. Keep reading this article, and you will understand how to apply for an online visa.

About Indian visa online

There are mainly five levels of e-Visa. Which are tourism reasons, business reasons, medical reasons, and medical attendant or conference reasons? There is also a visa called tourist visa which is mainly for people who want sightseeing, visiting relatives, short-term yoga program as well. There are mainly for one month of unpaid volunteer work. On there is a Business visa which is for applicants who want to sell or purchases or maybe trade, or maybe there want to technical business meetings. Now things to require getting the visa

  • Passport details
  • Address prove
  • A valid email address
  • Payment is done by debit/Credit card
  • Prove of no criminal history and medical test certification

For the process as we mention you don’t need to go to the Indian embassy or any other office. You just have to upload all the documents scanned and wait for their response. They might ask you further questions about the family retaliation and what business you are going. You can also contact them for any questions or support in general. India visa application process on average takes 15 to 20 weeks to plan your trip. If you feel like you have been stuck at any point or they are talking too much time you can always contact them and ask them any question. Note that, if you are visiting for business purposes, then you need visiting card or they might ask you for every detail for your business also In the case of an India Medical Visa you will be requested to provide a copy or photo letter from a list of hospitals or clinics they have mentioned. This process is also valid when you want Urgent India Visa. You will also need a photograph and passport scan copy for the visa there is complete guidance on the Indian visa online site. There is a list of airports where this visa is valid for use. In other words, there are not many airports that are allowed by Indian visa. There are 28 airports where you are allowed by the electronic India Visa.


This e-Visa online has made things very easy. Anyone can apply sitting at their home get online Visa. If you follow the guidelines and upload every document they are asking you should get your visa within no time.


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