How Much is a Waifu Pillow?

Waifu Pillow

If you are thinking about buying a waifu pillow, you probably have a few questions. You want to know about the fillings, sizes, and Anime character designs. Of course, you also want to know how much a waifu pillow costs. The good news is that there are several ways to find out the price of a waifu pillow. Keep reading to learn more!


When you buy a waifu pillow, you’re buying a piece of anime history. Traditionally, these pillows were 160 cm long and weighed 2.2 kg. Shipping these pillows internationally would have cost almost twice as much as in Japan. To make things easier for overseas anime fans, many Sakumeare manufactured in the 150 cm length variation. This version is also considered the standard size for Sakume.

You’ll also find Sakumepillows, which feature a naked character on the other side. These are made specifically for anime fans, and photos of these pillows online don’t do them justice. Sakumepillow covers are made from upgraded two-way tricot and feature beautiful paintings and drawings. Some are made with multiple characters, making them a great investment. You can even collect multiple characters for your collection!


Different body pillows have different fillings. Polyester, for example, is less expensive and more durable than down. Down pillows are soft and retain their shape over time. You can also purchase pillows stuffed with shredded memory foam, which are lighter and more flexible than solid memory foam. Another popular filling is natural latex, which comes from the sap of rubber trees. It is environmentally friendly and all-natural, and is as comfortable as feather pillows.

Microbeads, also known as uniform polymer particles, are common in pillows. They help promote air flow and flatten out more quickly than other types of fillings. While this material is less sustainable than down, the manufacturer claims that it contains smaller, longer and denser microbeads than down. You should still check the manufacturer’s warranty before making a decision. If the waifu pillow comes with a warranty, make sure to get it as soon as possible.

Anime character designs

Anime fans everywhere are in search of a waifu body pillow. These unique pillows can provide a high level of comfort, aesthetics, and satisfaction. A waifu body pillow is available in many price ranges and can be purchased online. The price range for a waifu body pillow varies greatly depending on the size, design, and materials. A good guideline for choosing a waifu body pillow is to choose one that complements your room’s decoration.


The price of a waifu pillow can vary, depending on where you live. You can buy them from a retailer online or at a convention, but they are generally less expensive than the official items. You can also order customized body pillow artwork. The only downside to buying a pillow that features an anime character is that it will cost more to make. If you don’t mind paying a bit more, you can get a waifu pillow of your favorite character, and save a lot of money.


To care for your waifu pillow, you can first wash it on the delicate cycle of your washing machine. It’s best to use the coldest temperature. Always remove the pillow immediately after washing. You should also avoid drying it in direct sunlight or high humidity. You can also use bleach-free soap when needed. However, the pillow should be washed every couple of years to keep its appearance. You should also wash the inner pillow twice a year.


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