How food habit helps in maintaining nervous health care in men

If you ask a group of people about the importance of food in their bodies. Most of them will reply that eating food makes muscles strong and keeps the body healthy. Even in our childhood when we didn’t want to drink milk our mom said that to make bones strong you must drink milk. Similar instances can be found in every society, food is directly related to physical strength and it is even true. So, what’s the point of it? The matter of concern is then the food we eat not only enriches us physically but also mentally. This is mostly unknown to men and this is the reason men are the major patients of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, etc.

Most men sometimes are suffering from a mental disorder but they don’t even know about it. Hence, such cases only come to the doctor when the disorder has done significant damage. But when solving mental health issues come men have only one solution in mind, to gulp pills like Vidalista 40mg and Cenforce 200. But this is not the truth, in this article, we will educate the readers on how food habits can help men overcome nervous health issues.

Avoiding high cholesterol and high sugary items

If you aim for the betterment of nervous health care then, you must plan out some things which you must sacrifice. One such thing is to avoid eating food items that are high in cholesterol and artificial sugar. But there’s a hidden thing which most people don’t notice. There are basically two types of cholesterol, good and bad. Good cholesterol is in fact needed by the body in small amounts. It also gets digested in the gut easily after the action of enzymes. The real problem with cholesterol is actually bad cholesterol, it does not get digested in the gut even after the action of enzymes and acids.

Thus, it remains in the body and gets accumulated in the liver, fats and heart resulting in obesity or diabetes. Similarly, one must keep artificial sugar also away from his plate. When you want to have sugar, eat natural sugar such as sugarcane juice, raw mangoes etc. Men with high levels of cholesterol and fats are also the ones that deal with depression, by American Association.

Keep the gut happy

Doctors and health experts have been very careful about the gut and the digestive system. The gut is actually referred to as the second brain by doctors and health experts. Just as any minor issues in the brain directly affect the whole body similarly any malfunction of the gut also shows an effect on the functioning of other organs as well.

Hence, for the mental health of the man as well it is necessary to keep the gut happy. You need not be a scientist to understand this, but just observe the days when you don’t get a clear bowel. How do you feel that day? Don’t you get stressed and feel difficult to concentrate on your work because all the time you are thinking about a constipated gut.

You can keep the gut happy by eating fibre rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, raw fruit, nuts, cereal, whole grain, seafood etc. Why fibre? Fibre is actually roughage for the body, this means it is not broken down by the gut. Fibre smoothens the inner walls of the intestine which helps the faeces to pass smoothly without obstruction. This is why doctors advise constipated patients to consume lots of fibre or else take Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce100mgfrom Powpills.

Eat food slowly

This is advice that doctors, our parents and a whole lot of people who care about us have always told us, to eat slowly and peacefully without any hurry. Ina per ideal situation one must chew a single morsel 24 times. Now honestly say how many of us really follow this rule. Due to fast-paced life, people get 30 minutes of a breakin the office and school, sometimes 1 hour. If one goes to eat food by chewing every bite 24 times then it would take more than 2 hours to finish the food.

It is true we cannot do exactly as we said, but we can try to chew the food slowly so that the gut receives fully chewed food. Or else breaking down the food will take more time leading to indigestion and ultimately stress.

Eat Pro-nervous food

Earlier we talked about eating good food that suits the gut and makes it happy. Now you must eat food items that facilitate the functioning of the nervous system. We all know that information is transmitted between organs and the brain and vice-versa with the help of neurotransmitters. Eating food that is rich in calcium and potassium improves the transmission of signals. Hence, you may possess a quick reflex to react to situations instantly. You may have seen people that take time to figure out things, it’s not a disease but their nerve signals find it difficult to transmit the information to the target neuron.


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