Guide to selecting the best water pumps in Kenya

water pumps

water pumps

Choosing a water pump for your business can be a bother, especially for less exposed person. It is essential to research a water pump before purchasing to pay a price that is directly proportional to the quality of your water pump. Buying the wrong pump will be a liability to your business. 

What are some of the features to consider in a water pump?

Knowing your needs will help you decide on the features you need in a water pump. In a general dimension, the qualities one should consider in a water pump are:

Rate of flow

Refers to the volume of water the pump can disseminate at a given time. The higher the rate of flow, the faster the pump. It is also important to note that a pump with a high flow rate requires high power to run.

The pump’s operating power

Power refers to the minimum voltage and current product the pump needs to operate normally. Sewage water requires a high power pump since it is denser than clean water. Note that the water pump prices in Kenya are directly proportional to the power and flow rate.


With the increasing water pump prices in Kenya, one ought to critically scrutinize their pump to ensure quality. The perception of a quality product is individualistic. To evaluate the quality of your tank, you must have the various features that you consider in the tank and their functionality. Gauge the quality of your pump through reviews of previous buyers.

What are the types of water pumps available in Kenya?

There are three classifications of pumps.

Classification according to the mechanism of action.

We have the following pumps in this category:

  • Piston pumps: they use pistons to operate. Their advantage is that they can operate over a wide range of pressures.
  • Centrifugal pumps: it uses an impeller to pump liquids.
  • Gear pump: as the name suggests, the pump uses gears to run. Under the category of gear pumps, we have external gear pumps and internal gear pumps.

Classification according to their function

  • Lift pumps: These pumps operate under low pressure. They function to lift substances to high-pressure pumps.
  • Meter pump: it functions to measure accurate flow rate. It is essential for water sellers to monitor the volumes of water used within a given time.

Lubrication Pump: It pumps from the pool to the desired spot.

Classification according to the power they use.

They include:

  • Dieselpoweredpumps: these pumps are appropriate in areas where electricity is inaccessible.
  • Petrolpoweredpumps: they are the most powerful. However, the running cost is high as petroleum is expensive.
  • Solarpoweredpumps: They are advantageous since they have a low running cost.
  • Electricitypoweredpumps: only use them for minor tasks.


Purchasing an inappropriate pump will lead to money loss. Ensure that your pump also has a warranty of at least six months. In addition to the above, purchase a pump to afford its maintenance cost.


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