Finding a quality circular saw at a good price in Kenya

circular saw

circular saw

A circular saw is a type of power saw that is popular for home projects.  It is designed to cut big metal, firewood and timber, among other materials. The following article will teach you how to select a good circular saw and its best prices in the Kenyan market.


Getting a quality circular saw is important for home repair and construction. You can comfortably cut a wide variety of materials using the saw. If you need to make that accurate cut in the shortest time possible, you may need to invest in a good circular saw. Apart from price, it would be best to consider numerous other things when choosing a circular saw.

Tips to consider when buying a circular saw

First, it’s important to consider power generation when buying your circular saw, this aspect, largely depends on the intended use. If you intend to purchase the machine for simple home repairs, then 800-100 watts will be more than enough. However, a circular saw for industrial purposes will require at least 1600 watts and above.

Second, user frequency is extremely important.  When buying a circular saw for home use, you only need a machine that supports the normal workload. On the other hand, carpenters need heavy-duty circular saws due to the increased levels of user frequency. 

 Third, the brake system is very important when selecting a circular saw. You need to know that an electric braking system stops immediately while a manual braking system needs at least 5-8 seconds to stop. 

Fourth, think about whether you want a corded or battery powered circular saw. The corded circular saws are known to have more power and speed. While most experts will discourage you from getting the battery-powered machine, it’s important to note that these types of circular saws have also improved in power and speed over the years.

The price range for circular saws in Kenya

After considering the factors above, it is time to decide what prices best suits your budget. You will find an extensive range of circular saw prices in Kenya. The most sought-after circular saws go for about Kshs 17,000 to Kshs 20,000. On online store list a high-quality circular saw goes for Kshs 24,000, which is normal for well-known brands.

There are also cheaper options for less-known brands which are equally efficient. Another popular online store lists circular saws for unknown brands at Kshs 8,000 to Kshs 10,000 depending on size and power generation. Fast selling upcoming brands are priced between Kshs 13,000 to kshs 15,000. It helps to compare the prices in online stores to those offered in brick and mortar shops. 


Ultimately, it is up to you to find the most suitable criteria to find the circular saw of your choice. While the price is important, remember to consider key factors when choosing the best machine for your needs. Doing thorough research before making the purchase is the best way to go.


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