Experience a Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari

When traveling in the Middle East, many people enjoy the experience of a Desert Safari Dubai. These adventures provide the opportunity to visit unique oases, view spectacular landscapes, and enjoy traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. They can also enjoy belly dancers and entertainment. Some companies also provide alcohol, which can be purchased for an additional cost. Most of these activities are included in the price of the safari.

Dubai desert safari

One of the most popular experiences in Dubai is a desert safari. Located just 45 minutes outside of the city, this unique experience offers a break from the glittering lights and skyscrapers of the city. You can even go for an overnight desert safari, which will give you the full experience of the desert.

Desert safaris in Dubai offer a variety of activities, such as henna painting. Henna painting is a tradition with roots in the Middle East. The process involves dyeing the nails and skin with henna. The results will be tattoo-like designs made of floral patterns. Henna painting is a unique experience that is included in some of the morning and evening desert safari packages.

The desert safaris offer a wide range of entertainment, including belly dancing, henna art, and tanoura shows. You can also enjoy local food, including traditional Middle Eastern barbecues, while you relax by the campfire in a tent. Since alcohol is not allowed in the UAE, this is a great option for those who want to avoid a full night’s sleep!

Activities offered on a desert safari

A desert safari offers visitors the opportunity to explore the desert and get close to wildlife. Some activities include dune bashing and camel riding. Guests can also take a sunset photo safari. The tour can be organized for activities only, or as an activity and dinner package. The evening version of the tour includes a belly dancing show and entertainment.

Other activities include a visit to a restored mountain village and a ride in a vintage land rover. Some operators also include cultural activities like visiting St Catherine’s Monastery and the Coloured Canyon. After an exhilarating day of sightseeing, guests can stop at a Bedouin village for delicious food and stories.

A desert safari can also be an opportunity to experience the culture of the local people. Some companies offer cultural experiences such as falconry. Falconry has been an integral part of life in the desert for hundreds of years, and the Emirates are a falconry hotspot.

Cost of a desert safari

Desert safaris can be a great experience, but it can also be costly. Prices for these trips can range from forty to sixty dollars per person, depending on the provider and the number of people on the tour. The type of desert safari and the type of transport used can also affect the cost. Prices are usually published on the website of the company that offers the trip.

The cost of a desert safari in Dubai depends on the type of tour you choose, the number of people traveling, and the activities you choose. A typical desert safari costs around AED 299 per person, or about thirty-five dollars per person. Private desert safaris can be even more expensive.

Some Desert Safari Dubai Deals offer a camel ride, which is perfect for those who are adventurous. They also offer belly dancing, which originated in ancient Egypt and was widespread throughout the Middle East before Islam. It is now performed for tourists on some tours in the UAE, but is haram for many conservative Muslims.

Bedouin-style camps on a desert safari

Bedouin-style camps are famous for their romantic ambiance. Here, you’ll find fun activities such as camel riding, henna tattoo artists, and even traditional Bedouin dinner. You’ll also get to relax around a fire with a cup of tea or a cold drink. Guests can even have pictures taken with hawks and get henna tattoos! In addition, there’s a chance to experience the belly dance and the Tanura dance, which are both graceful and awe-inspiring.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai are a great way to see wildlife and experience the culture of the Bedouin people. These traditional settlements are often found in the Middle East and are often set up as permanent camps. A Bedouin camp is designed to mimic the lifestyle of the Bedouin people as closely as possible. Guests can enjoy Bedouin-style clothing and even get a chance to see Bedouin stories and dances.


During a desert safari, you can stay overnight in a Bedouin-style camp. You will be accompanied by a Bedouin guide from Dubai or Sharjah. The excursion will include a round-trip transportation in a 4×4 and photo stops. Other activities that are included in the tour include henna tattoos, camel riding, falconry, quad-biking, and an Arabic BBQ dinner.


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