Everything You Need To Know About Living In Egypt

Everything You Need To Know About Living In Egypt

Not many countries in the world can boast a two-thousand beautiful coastline Egypt, especially in the Mediterranean sea. And when you consider it’s one of the ancient civilizations that goes beyond three millennia BC, you might want to spend a bunch of time there exploring what’s left of the historic place. It’s also an absolutely magnificent modern country, with a good treatment of ex-pats, and offering you the ability to live by the sea for very modest pricing.

Getting to know this country isn’t as complicated as some would think. If you’d like to live somewhere just a little different from your casual Western experience, Egypt is a good place. But if you are thinking of moving abroad, you should be extra cautious, as it is not an easy task. In this article, we will discuss everything about medical care in this country, and how you should approach your relocation.

Living In Egypt In 2021

While exactly ten years ago, the country was in a state of political uncertainty and unstable as a result of the Arab Spring, now it’s calm more or less. We can’t necessarily say that’s the safest country to live in, but definitely one of the few Arab countries on the more relaxed side of things. The uprising didn’t affect how wonderful the country is. It remains a country of beautiful nature, welcoming people, and a cultural center for the Middle East, even though it’s technically located on a corner of Africa.

A unique location for aspiring ex-pats, it has much to offer and surprise you with. There are also a lot of jobs in the corporate world, and of course, good knowledge of English and or Arabic would be a huge advantage to you. A good country to start a business, and also enjoy yourself resting by the nature resorts and top-class luxury hotels alike.

Healthcare and Medicine

Egypt in general has a good quality of medical care, especially if you are willing to pay the top dollar. Many of the private doctors in major cities went to study abroad, in the most prestigious countries such as the US, France, or England. Thus, in case of need, you can definitely find good service and qualified professionals. However, do note that this only applies if you are willing to spend a large amount of money, although for sure not as much as you would in Europe or North America without insurance.

A good percentage of clinics and hospitals have an English and French translator, and many of the doctors are actually also proficient enough to consult you. There can still be major differences between various healthcare providers, and it’s not infrequent to arrive at a place where the quality of service is lacking and you won’t be able to receive what you are looking for.

Still, do not be overly concerned over this, as it’s not a major issue if you do some research and prepare in case you need to receive medical care on an urgent basis. Private clinics are your best bet, and you might also consider investing in local health insurance of high quality. 

Outpatient medical aid is also available, and it might be as simple as calling the place you would like to receive your services from. In a dire situation, such as an emergency, you can either call the ambulance, which is 123 (super easy to remember, thank goodness), but it might be faster to catch a taxi or call a private ambulance if that’s something you are able to do.

In general, if you are seriously considering moving, spend a sufficient amount of time doing your research and reading about the country. My dear friend from Cairo recently wrote a good article, which outlines some useful facts to know about the country. Check it out at cleopatradeals.com. It’s in Arabic, but you can translate it with just a few simple clicks in your browser. That way, you are getting your info from a native source, and it will paint the whole picture you are looking for, and not just your average travelers’ rose-tinted glasses.

Just A Few More Tips On The Subject

If you haven’t purchased good health insurance, consider heading to one of the hospitals attached to the universities, as they will offer you high quality of service without breaking the bank. But we do highly recommend you get at least some form of insurance, at least a type that covers emergency cases. You truly never know, and it’s not the appropriate time to think about money when you need a doctor RIGHT NOW. This company is a reputable one with a few decades in the market.


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