Essential Self-Defense Tips Everyone Should Know

Essential Self-Defense Tips Everyone Should Know

Have you ever sat down and consciously thought about the importance of having a contingency plan in case something goes wrong, such as when some random thief or burglar breaks into your house? What would you do? If you live alone, you might get yourself some help in time; however, if you live with family, you might be thinking about others before thinking about your safety.

The truth about self-defense strategies is that many of us think that we will never need to be using them. We believe that things can go down somewhere else; but, we will be miraculously saved and that nothing bad can ever happen to us. 

The truth, however, is the other way around. Every day, nearly five thousand homes in the United States are attacked by burglars. Before you know it, your house might be next, which is why you cannot avoid understanding the importance of self-defense and having a contingency plan ready.

If your state allows you to keep weapons for self-defense, then you ought to get a nice pair of guns straight away. However, suppose there are children in your house, and you don’t want to keep lethal weapons anywhere. In that case, you can also immensely benefit from keeping non-lethal yet effective weapons for your and your family’s safety.


Here are some great options:

Kubaton Keychain

Imagine waking up late at night by a sudden noise, and you wake up to see some shadow hovering over you – a burglar? Or, imagine walking towards your house from the parking lot and getting attacked by some random stranger; what will be your contingency plan? Ideally, you would want to distance yourself from the potential intruder or attacker; however, in some cases, you come close to the potential attacker, which is when the Kubaton keychain will come in handy.

This tiny yet effective self-defense weapon is easy to maneuver. All you have to do is wrap your fingers around it and use it like a fist pack. This weapon is specifically useful because you are close to the potential attacker. Just make sure to hit the vulnerable parts of their body.


Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another non-lethal weapon that gives you plenty of time to get away from the potential intruder/ attacker and call the police. In contrast, they (attacker/ intruder) are temporarily blinded. However, it is essential to mention that you have to keep a safe distance while using pepper spray. Directly aim at their eyes and distance yourself as the intruder will experience agony and temporary blindness, which will cause them to get wild.


Brass Knuckles

The best aspect about brass knuckles is that if used correctly, they can cause much damage to the thief or burglar; however, you will have to know where to hit them and how to maneuver the punches with brass knuckles without breaking your fingers or wrist. Brass knuckles are compact and easily portable; however, you will have to check in with the local law to ensure their legality before buying them for self-defense.


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