Dealing with common ear problems and treating the hearing aids right

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Ears are the most important and sensitive of all the organs of the human body and can be affected by a series of problems. Even high altitude and a common cold infection can have a deleterious impact on the ear.

High altitude can cause a difference in the pressure of our internal organs, and the Eustachian tube closes, blocking the ears, to prevent the pressure difference from affecting the brain. This is commonly referred to as Airplane Ear or Ear barotrauma. When a high altitude pressure difference could affect the Ear, nose, and throat, what could happen when one wishes to air-travel when they already have a pre-existing cold? The consequences depend on the severity of the cold.

Dealing with the clogged ears and the hearing capacity:

Dealing with clogged ears during flying could be a great challenge, with pre-existing cold. The Eustachian tubes, that connect the throat and the inner ear balance the pressure between the body and outside air when the cabin pressure drops. But during a cold, when the mucus membrane in the airway is already swollen. It becomes tough for air to escape from the ears, resulting in more clogs. These clogs can be quite painful and intense and might even damage the eardrum. Thus ENT specialists recommend protecting the eardrums efficiently while flying.

Doctors recommend air travel during mild cold but warn on keeping the Eustachian tube open to minimize the risk of eardrum rupture. This can be done with the help of decongestants that help to reduce the swelling in the mucus membrane and make it easy for air to move through the Eustachian tubes. It is advisable to use a decongestant both before boarding and after landing the plane.

Children and the problems with their ears:

Children typically face a hard time with cold and nasal congestion also known as the stuffy nose; mostly younger babies have the greatest tough time since they don’t know how to blow. Nasal congestion is the solitary most common sign of the common cold. Nasal congestion remedies for children can benefit to grow free of nasal obstruction. Since it affects breathing, it also obstructs feeding, since babies must breathe through their noses while breastfeeding.

Thus it is common for all people to get affected with the ears and if the problem is serious and affects the hearing capability of the individual. Then it is recommended to go for a hearing test.

A hearing test is usually done with the help of an audiometer by an audiologist. The audibility is tested at different frequencies and a person’s hearing ability is thus determined. The development of technology has furnished hearing aid applications where tests can be taken with ease. The application consists of an operation for fixing the reaction with a graphic interface and interpret the test results. This application also uses sound-proofing as a specialized feature.

Hearing Noise Test

  • The Hearing in Noise Test (HINT): It can hear a person’s speech in a quiet ambiance. In the test, the patient repeats the same sentence in a quiet and noisy environment. Some conditions need to be followed – no competing noise in sentences, in case of any competing noise it should be directed to the patient noise should be presented at an angle of 90° to the right of the patient.
  • Words-in-Noise Test (WIN): The words are represented in speech spectrum noise. It helps the person to understand the speech in a noisy background.
  • Modified Rhyme Test (MRT): It uses a noise interference component to acquire correct responses.
  • Other tests like tympanogram and acoustic reflex are also carried out.

If the problem with the ear is been confirmed, then the ideal way to deal with it is to use a hearing aid. There are several hearing aid repairs in Mumbai to render appropriate and prompt services.

The best hearing aid repair services:

A normal person can hear sounds that are about 25 decibels without much difficulty and when they are not able to hear these sounds, they require a hearing amplified. The Portable hearing assistants are a kind of intensifier that raises the sound vibrations to assist the individual with understanding what is being said to them. Even though, they don’t assist with a sound explanation. On the off chance that you are experiencing clearness issues, you need to look for the assistance of an audiologist to learn approaches to further develop correspondence.

The correct time to repair the hearing aids:

By chance that you are encountering hearing loss, then, at that point portable hearing assistants can assist you with hearing great. Without appropriate hearing capacities, your social communications are probably going to be influenced a ton, since you will experience difficulty seeing each word said by the other individual. You are additionally prone to feel embarrassed and disengaged from your loved ones as you will most likely be unable to banter well with others. Millions encountering issues with their hearing capacities need to benefit from clinical treatment to stay away from emotional well-being issues like Alzheimer’s and loneliness. But you require hearing aid repair when the hearing is worse, and when an up gradation in technology is available, you can go for the hearing aid repair services.

You can get the best hearing aid repair in Mumbai at quality hearing care and at an affordable cost. They sell and repair all types of hearing aids such as the aids that are completely inside the ear canal, aids that are in the ear, behind the ear, etc. They also sell the accessories that are required for the hearing aids such as batteries and the new age aids that are available with them are featured with several advanced technologies such as Bluetooth streamer, FM technology, TV transmitter, Remote controls, etc.

Bottom line:

When you are using the hearing aid and somehow it ceases to function. Then you would require more than mere troubleshooting. You can bring the aid to Quality hearing care and get it repaired and services. You can also replace them if they are damaged excessively.


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