Canadian visa for Croatian citizens


The Canadian government presented the Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) in 2016 to work with unfamiliar guests’ appearances. It is an authorization to travel that is accessible on the web. It has a legitimacy of 5 years and awards Croatian nationals numerous passages with a permitted stay of as long as a half year during each visit. Let’s know the details of how to get Canada visa for Croatian citizens.

Do Croatians need a visa to visit Canada?

The Canadian government provided a rundown of nations whose residents can show up in the country without requiring a standard visa. Croatians are among the residents who are visa-excluded to visit Canada and can feel free to apply for the Canadian eTA. They should guarantee they consent to the accompanying circumstances:

  • Their visit will be for the travel industry, business, or traveling through
  • Their visits won’t generally surpass 180 days
  • They will arrive at Canada by one of their worldwide air terminals

Croatians making a trip to Canada for some other purposes, for example, everyday work or scholastic courses ought to plan an arrangement at the Canadian consulate in Zagreb and enquire which kinds of visas for Canada suit their requirements.

Canadian ETA requirements for Croatians

The biometric identification (likewise alluded to as electronic) is a solid travel record with a computerized chip on its cover page. Most worldwide air terminals have programmed scanners at appearances that lessen the time spent at line controls. Croatian nationals with a biometric visa ought to affirm it is substantial for a considerable length of time or more from the date of their appearance in Canada.

Croatian candidates should guarantee they apply for their Canadian eTA with an email address they routinely use. The Canadian government gives the entirety of their correspondences, including the affirmation of the eTA issuance, exclusively by email. In conclusion, they should likewise affirm the credit or charge card they use for installment has been recently actioned for online installments and conveys adequate assets.

For what reason Slovakian need the Canadian ETA?

How to get Canada visa for Slovakian citizens? Slovakians are among the ethnicities who needn’t bother with a visa to enter Canada. The electronic travel authorization awards them a section into the country for the travel industry, business, or traveling through. They can involve this electronic travel record for various visits inside its legitimacy period and should arrange that none of their visits surpasses 180 days.

Slovakian visa holders keen on migrating to Canada for a steadier timeframe and inspired by everyday work or scholastic open doors ought to take note of the eTA doesn’t cover them. For these reasons, they ought to sort out a visit to the Canadian government office in Bratislava and solicitation additional data.

Canadian ETA processing time for Slovakian citizens

The Canadian government assesses the applications got and for the most part answers in 24 hours or less. Slovaks will get an affirmation email from the Canadian specialists. The Canadian eTA is naturally connected to their identification. Slovakian guests don’t have to print out a duplicate before their appearance. The Canadian Immigration Service prescribes Slovakian guests to present their structure somewhere around 3 work days to represent occupied touristic periods.


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