Bulk Dried flowers: How to Order and Use

Bulk Dried flowers

On numerous occasions, a bouquet of bulk dried flowers can be an important element for decoration. There are many ways to make dried flowers indoors and there are some techniques to make them look better. Dried flowers are those that have gone through a transformation process so that their shelf life is longer than that of natural flowers. In this article, we will tell you how to use bulk dried flowers, what their characteristics are, and what uses they can be done.


Main Features of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are natural flowers that have undergone a dehydration process to remove all water. There are several methods of obtaining this type of flower. You can put them in the air upside down, horizontally, by pressing them, etc. Once these flowers are dry, they can undergo other coloring and fixing processes so that they can recover some of the initial characteristics that disappear during the dehydration process.

There are some processes where it can lose color and is later replaced with dyes or dyes. Thanks to these dyes, a range of colors can be generated so that these flowers have the characteristics of dried flowers and the coloring of natural flowers. A known difference that we find in the market is the price. Dried flowers are cheaper than preserved ones. Preserved flowers are those that have undergone a rehydration process with glycerin and other plant compounds. These are priced higher because the process they undergo is more expensive. The result of the rehydration process is a flower that retains the look and flexibility of a fresh flower but can be broken more easily.


Advantages of dried flowers

One of the biggest advantages of using dried flowers for decoration is their long shelf life. It can be said that this is the main advantage these flowers have, even if they have others. Many brides choose dried flowers for their bridal bouquets. It is one of the easiest ways to keep it as a souvenir. They can be perfectly preserved for years and do not need to be cared for. You just have to remove the dust that can get to them and not give them much sun. This is done so that it does not lose its color and can be kept in good condition.

One way to prevent dried flowers from getting dust is to keep them inside a glass dome. In this way, we can enjoy the decoration they offer without losing the essential characteristics of these flowers. Another advantage over natural flowers is that they have a wide range of colors that can be found within the same flower variety. And is that it can be subjected to a coloring process after drying where there is an infinite range of colors. Thanks to this, we can give the imagination and result in extravagant creations.


What are they for?

Let’s see what are the occasions in which it is better to choose dried flowers rather than natural flowers. An example of this is the use of the bridal bouquet. It is fashionable to hold the bouquet of both the bride and the bachelorette party that collects the bouquet thrown by the bride. They are also widely used in interior decoration, in public places and offices where decoration is sought without having to worry about maintenance. In these cases, decorating with natural flowers should have special care and attention in them which can lead to problems.

It is also perfect for decoration in flower shops, at sales times, for shop windows, etc. The shop does not need to be a flower shop to be used as a window decoration. In funeral homes, it is an alternative to artificial flowers. And it is that the appearance of dried flowers is much more natural and does not require care and maintenance.


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