Brands of Color-Correcting Glasses

Brands of Color-Correcting Glasses

There are several brands of vision correction glasses, most of which can be purchased in stores or online.


This company produces the most popular and well-known color correction glasses on the market today, specifically designed to treat red-green color blind glasses. According to the manufacturer’s research, color blind glasses is caused by a blockage of the photoreceptor response in the retina, which is triggered by light. The patented optical materials used in EnChroma lenses provide more accurate color perception because the photoreceptors respond differently to light, allowing the brain to distinguish wavelengths.

EnChroma sparked some controversy when an independent, unbiased medical study of 48 people with color blind glasses found that the glasses did not work as advertised. Study participants reported that while the glasses allowed them to distinguish colors such as red and green, they did not improve their ability to see those colors. Instead, the EnChroma glasses increased the contrast between these colors so that they were perceived as different. However, other colors became harder to distinguish, and subtle shades were lost.


This brand, often presented as entry-level color correction glasses, is less expensive than EnChroma. The basic model treats red-green color blind glasses, the other model treats blue-yellow color blind glasses. Pilestone users generally report an immediate improvement in red-green color blind glasses, while estimates are mixed for blue-yellow color blind glasses.


This brand offers lightweight eyeglass frames that are more comfortable than other options. They also accentuate more subtle colors, such as pink, which other brands do worse.

The method the lenses use to filter light makes them unsuitable for people with epilepsy, a condition that sometimes leads to color blind glasses. It looks like the brand was looking for positive reviews online, so the glasses may not improve color vision as advertised.


This brand corrects both red-green and blue-yellow color blind glasses and offers different lenses for different purposes. These glasses are sometimes used by medical professionals to see veins better during blood tests. However, colors are usually altered not by true color correction, but by increasing the contrast to their natural hues.

Color Correction System:

This is a patented eyewear system developed by an optometrist living in Maryland. The individual filters change the wavelength of the color when it hits the eye, so that the brain perceives the signals from the photoreceptors differently. These glasses are not available in retail stores, as they are only available by prescription, and they are tailored to each person’s shape and degree of color blind glasses.

The most effective glasses for treating color blind glasses are not necessarily the most famous brand. Instead, see your eye doctor or ophthalmologist for a prescription, find out what brands are recommended, and if possible, try a few. If your ophthalmologist can’t prescribe such glasses, ask for a referral to get a prescription.


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