Best Earphones under 500

Best Earphones under 500

In this post, you will read about the best earphones under 500I have selected the top 3 best earphones in India that hold amazing quality, attractive design, and come under a budget-friendly price. But before jumping straight to the point…let’s understand the importance of earphones!

Earphones are becoming the need of everyone, they are used by millions to enhance their experience while connecting to the audio world. Using an earphone while listening to songs, watching movies, or playing games will improve your sound quality. It is also used to achieve inner peace, those who love to travel a lot…earphones have become their traveling partner. What is more peaceful than listening to your favorite song, sitting on the window seat, and undergoing through a long journey?

These audio devices are a better way to feel the music. You can’t carry bulky speakers everywhere but an earphone can be carried anywhere, to feel the depth and of the song…earphone is the best device! This factor makes a heavy difference between an earphone and any other audio device.

Now when you have understood the significance of earphones, it’s time to get a worthy product. When you search for the best earphones under 500, the internet shows tons of options. Every model holds different performance and features and that makes it a difficult task to select anyone.

But I have listed the 3 best out of rest! Check these earphones and you can purchase anyone from the provided link.

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones 

JBL is a reputed company in the field of earphones, they provide quality products at a budget-friendly price. Those who are looking for looks and design in the earphone…they must go with the brand JBL. The model I have picked out for this list is JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones.

This model is built from a light plastic segment and has a gold coating on the jack. In this price range, they have provided the best quality! You will experience a balanced sound quality because of its 8mm custom driver. Moreover, you will also get 1 year of warranty.

It is available in Black, Blue, White, and Red in color.

Mi Dual Driver Earphones

Commonly known as Xiaomi, Mi has been supplying electronic products like TV, mobile phones, and earphones for decades. Although it is a Chinese company…but they supply durable products in the Indian market. For this list, I have taken their best earphone model and that is Mi Dual Driver Earphones, it has become the first choice for most of the customers.

The design of this product is very premium, as they have provided Realme buds…this model has become much stylish. In terms of performance and quality, it stands perfect. You will notice its magnetic ends present in the earpiece. The cable is braided and at the left side…cords of the mic.has been fixed. The plastic used to build this model is a segment and that makes it light in weight.

However, you will get only 6 months of warranty on Mi Dual Driver Earphones.

boAtBassHeads 152 

Being an Indian company, boAt has achieved high popularity in the market. In a decade they have attracted a lot of customers. Mainly they manufacture wireless earphones, buds, and speakers but at this price range, you have to compromise with the cable!

Their model boAtBassHeads 152 is selected for Best Earphones under 500. It has attractive heads and design from the rest of the earphones…you will experience amazing sound quality. Its cable is braided and built with quality metal to avoid any kind of damage.

Overall, the sound output of this model is very amazing. It has a 10mm sound driver that provides the maximum bass and clear vocals. You will also get 1 year of warranty on this product!


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