Avoid Plumbing Installation Nightmares by Hiring the Right Plumbers

Plumbing Installation

Nobody would want to wake up to the smell of sewage or a flooded basement. But these incidents and more nightmares can happen if you don’t hire the right plumbers for your plumbing installation project in Chicago, IL. 

What Could Go Wrong If You Hire an Unlicensed Plumber?

Unlicensed plumbers usually offer their services at way low prices, which can be attractive to homeowners trying to save some bucks. But before sticking with a cheap plumbing installation service, examine your choice thoughtfully, so you don’t experience the following plumbing nightmares:

Getting Low-Quality Materials

When you choose a plumbing installation contractor in Chicago, IL that offers a plumbing installation service pricing that’s way too low than the average rate in the market, you’re also likely to get low-quality materials. Besides, good-quality plumbing materials and fixtures don’t come cheap.

There are also contractors who offer reasonable prices but still skimp on the quality of plumbing materials to keep an extra buck or two in their pocket. Take note that low-quality pipes are likely to burst within a few months of installation and cause flooding as well as water damage.

Risk of Property Damage

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) report, one in five homeowners has experienced damage from improper plumbing installation. This number alone should be enough reason to be careful when choosing a plumber and avoiding a plumber that offers the lowest deal in the market for your plumbing installation project.

A quality plumbing installation service from a trusted, licensed plumbing installation contractor in Chicago, IL may cost you more money. However, it’s definitely still more affordable than the damage that an improperly installed plumbing system can cause to your property.

Waste of Money

Plumbing system installation needs to be done right the first time. It’s not a trial-and-error job. If you hire an unlicensed plumber, they are more likely to make blunders. You may have to deal with costly plumbing repairs down the road. Even worse, they do not provide a warranty. So when something goes wrong, you have to shoulder all the repair expenses.

Having to Pay For the Installer’s Medical Bills In Case Of Accident

More likely than not, a plumber with no license also doesn’t have insurance. So if you hire non-licensed plumbers and they accidentally get injured while installing your plumbing system, they may hold you liable for their medical bills. Similarly, if you or your loved ones get injured, you won’t get any financial support for medical treatment from them.

How to Find the Right Plumbers for the Job

Take note that not every plumber on the market can provide quality work at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to hire a reputable plumbing installation company in Chicago, IL, make sure they are equipped with the following attributes before giving them your business:

  • Licensing and Insurance – Any professional company must be licensed and insured to provide their service in Chicago, IL. Check their license number and search online for public complaints regarding this particular plumber’s work. If clients have made claims against this particular company or individual, do not give them your business.
  • References and Reviews – If you want to speak with past customers about their experience working with the plumbing installation company in Chicago, IL, call them yourself instead of looking up online reviews. You can usually get a better idea of whether or not they are reputable by speaking directly with clients who have hired them before.


  • A Guarantee – Reputable professionals usually offer guarantees on their work if you notice any problems at all after the service has been completed. Make sure that they will come back out and fix any issues that arise in your home for free and cover additional costs (i.e., repairs needed for plumbing systems).


  • A Servicer of New Homes – When it comes to plumbing, new construction is the hardest. That’s why when you’re looking for a reliable plumber, make sure that any professional you consider has experience working on new homes.


  • Experience – Ask them how long they’ve been doing this type of work, what kind of training they have received so far, and when they will be able to complete the job after scheduling it with them.

If you’re looking for a dependable, trusted plumbing installation contractor in Chicago, IL, you can trust Goode Plumbing. Contact the team at 773-295-7773 or  773 930-3451.


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