Advantages of a Chiller hire

Chiller hire

One of the main features is that it gives a high degree of freedom in planning the location of the main equipment and the plumbing system. The Chiller uses a method of producing cold water and sending water to the coil of the air conditioner, so depending on the combination it can be used for different purposes such as large capacity and large space. On the other hand, in general, it is not necessary to take into account the difference in the height of the refrigerant pipe and the limitation of the pipe length as is the case with direct expansion (air conditioning).

Alternatively, steam and hot water can be used, such as plant waste heat, and cogeneration systems can be built using waste heat (hot water) from the generator.

Choose a Chiller

When choosing a Chiller, it is important that the functions, performance, and specifications of the Chiller match the conditions and conditions of use of the appliance. If you neglect this coordinated work, it may not work as expected when it is actually working, and it is also possible that the chiller and the Chiller itself will go wrong.

In addition to the issue of the set temperature and the amount of heat to be cooled, the thickness, length, and shape of the pipe can also change the height of the pipe connecting the item to be cooled and the Chiller hire, so choosing Refrigeration is not simple. compared to other devices.

In order to choose the right cooler, it is necessary to first determine the circulating water temperature and then determine the cooling method from the installation environment, whether air or water cooling.

After determining the cooling capacity of the chiller and the capacity of the pump, you can proceed to the selection of the Chiller. It is important that you make a choice while confirming the terms of use with these procedures.

Water-cooled Chiller

This type of system uses a cooling tower to cool the water. Cooling water for the Chiller is necessary but offers advantages such as excellent cooling efficiency and no waste heat generation in the room.

Water-cooled Chillers that use water as a refrigerant operating in the large air conditioning sector are called natural Chillers (absorption chillers) and are accepted as Chillers with a heat source for central air conditioning. . Air conditioning equipment for medium and large buildings. The system configuration includes an evaporator, absorber, regenerative unit, and condenser and produces cooling water (hot water) with pressure control by recirculating the refrigerant enclosed in the unit. equipment (coolant circulation device).

It is a cooling cycle, but by varying the pressure of the refrigerant in the unit, cooling water (hot water) is produced by changing its composition to gases and liquids (potential heat transfer). hidden) inside the plane. The machine can operate stably all year round, in addition, the compact design can be installed in small spaces.

Absorption cooling mechanism

The absorption cooler cools the inside of the Chiller hire by exploiting the heat dissipation properties of the medium when the chiller is closed with an aqueous solution of the natural refrigerant ammonia and hydrogen and evaporating ammonia. With technology that doesn’t require any driving parts, such as compressors and fans used for typical Chiller, refrigeration systems can operate without vibrations and noises.

The aqueous ammonia solution of the refrigerant used by the absorption cooler is a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP).

In addition to providing excellent solutions to save energy and protect the environment, it also contributes to reducing the company’s costs.

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