Actue blockages in drain pipes often come from poor maintenance

Actue blockages in drain pipes often come from poor maintenance

The pipes of a house and their good condition contribute to the quality of life of its occupants. That is why you have to monitor them and prevent possible damage.  Sometimes due to low maintenance there is blockage or leakage that can cause serious problems. If you are facing these kind of issues Nrc offer you professional plumber services.

There are some reasons:

1 – Blocked or clogged pipes

Blockages in household pipes can be caused by various factors. The most common have to do with accumulation of fat or materials that solidify.

In this case, the first recommendation is to unscrew or remove the covers (or grates) from the drains. With this, we can remove obstructions from the area. It is also recommended to pour hot water with baking soda and vinegar or purchase chemical products that are sold for this purpose.

2 – Low pressure pipes

It can be a sign of blockages, jams, leaks, or simply a decrease in flow from the supplier. For this last case, it is enough to open the stopcock a little more.

If the problem is not solved, check possible jams and take into account the recommendations set out in the first point. If you cannot find the origin of this inconvenience, the most appropriate thing is to call a specialist.

3 – Bad odors in the pipes

If the plumbing is in good shape and there are bad odors, the problem usually comes from the dishwasher and can be prevented. You have to be careful not to throw rubbish around. If they have already been thrown, it is advisable to pour homemade or commercial substances to favor their transit.

If the bad smell comes from the bathroom pipes and there are no obvious causes, go to an expert.

4 – Pipes with dirty water

It is a common problem, but perhaps the easiest to solve. Generally, it obeys that the faucets have not been opened for a long time. It is solved by letting the liquid flow for a few seconds. But if the water is still dirty, it is an indication of a deterioration of the pipe, due to its age. In this case, it is also recommended to consult an expert on the subject.

5 – Leaks in the pipes

When there are leaks, visible or not, the help of a plumbing expert is required. Normally, you have to change pieces or ties. There are temporary solutions in case the leak is visible, such as electrical tape.

If we talk about a leak in the gas pipe, that is a separate case. Immediately close the passage of gas from its source and call an expert on the subject.

If you face any issue of blockage or leaked Nrc is the best place for you. We face these these types of issues daily and know well how to face it. So you can hire professional services at low charges. All the details of contact are available on our official website.



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