5 Tips about DVD Storage Box You Need To Know

cd dvd storage boxes

Damage-free and efficient storage of digital video and compact discs is never a walk in the park. While a DVD storage box is a viable solution, it does not necessarily live up to your expectations. To make it efficient in this aspect, special attention needs to be paid to its design details.

Selecting a customary or ordinary box is only going to make it harder for you to package your disks efficiently. From ensuring the selection of the right dimensions to systematically labeling your box, we have devised a guide of best tips to store your disks appropriately.

Don’t Ever Over-Pack:

You may fall prey to the temptation of slotting in as many disks as you can in CD DVD storage boxes. Many businesses dealing in disks do this in the hopes of cutting their shipping costs and minimizing the packing time. To their surprise, this approach results in heavy packages that are difficult to move around or carry.

Not just that, the bottom part of the boxes may collapse exposing the disks to outside elements. Like other packaging solutions, these packages also have a certain strength. Putting in too many products puts an excessive strain that they simply cannot resist the impact and some deformations appear in their structure. These deformations tend to get worsen with time and ultimately result in wear or tear in your CD DVD storage box. Get it right the first time and refrain from over-packing your box for perfect results.

Pick Up The Right Dimensions:

Customize CD DVD Storage Boxes to get a design that aligns perfectly with the permissible product dimensions. This tactic is extremely helpful for your brand because you can save yourself a great deal in terms of monetary and protection benefits. Let us assume that you have a loose-fit box for disk storage. Obviously, the material intake in its manufacturing would be higher that would go on to enhance your expenditures.

It will also weigh probably more than a perfect fit that may increase your shipping expenses. Now, consider the shorter or smaller design for these packages. This design is unable to contain the disks properly that may get them exposed to physical severities and climatic conditions. The right selection of the box’s dimensions proves handy in stacking aspects as well because it occupies less space or volume.

Reinforce Or Strengthen It:

As CD DVD storage boxes in Australia are mostly made from cardboard variants, they have a higher compressive and tensile strength. Despite their higher strength, they can fail under critically heavier loads. Considering that, make sure to strengthen them so as to protect your disks from getting damaged. These packages have different parts that are joined together and while combining these parts, some small gaps are always left behind. Ensure that you glue those parts together with a fine adhesive application.

As the weight is always acting downward, reinforcing the bottom part of the packages with an additional cardboard layer is indispensable. Another effective way to enhance their strength is to add inserts between different cardboard CD cases contained inside the packaging. Make sure the inserts run through the entire length of the packaging so as to increase the stacking capacity.

Printing For Identification:

CD covers printing is essential to let the audience know about what kind of data disk is storing in. But, once they get packaged in the boxes, it becomes hard for the customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Print the disk DVD packages as well in such a way that clients have access to all the valuable details for easy buying.

You can do that with a simple play of words or by printing some visual cues like graphics, illustrations, or patterns just like CD cover printing.

Whatever you print on, make sure it is perfectly legible and never distracts or confuses the onlookers. In case you are printing some text, the use of creative typography is essential to entice the target audience for a read. Likewise, the graphics on the printed CD DVD storage boxes need to be high-end and clear. This will provide ultimate ease to the buyers while also elevating their experience with your brand.

Overlay Special Laminations:

Both compact and digital video disks have a plastic composition that is made from a polymer material. This material is not moisture-resistant and absorbs all the water once it gets exposed to a humid environment.

This can affect the playability of the disks that is not well-liked in the buyer’s circle. Apply some PP and PE laminations on the CD DVD storage boxes. So as to protect the disks from getting damaged by moisture. These laminations give a boost to the aesthetic impact of the packaging as well, so your DVDs are more likely to get chosen by the customers.

The DVD storage box is a fine addition to your brand to protect, present, and market your DVDs better. It comes in dozens of layouts and the added flexibility provides. You complete liberty to customize it in some brilliant designs. While designing this box, you must not overlook your product specifications and shipping needs. Getting wholesale CD DVD storage boxes supplies is an excellent approach to not put any strain on the decided budget.


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